Tracy Roberts, Founder/Director/Teacher Acorns Class

Tracy received her BA in social science from the University of California, Irvine and finished up her masters in the Child Development department at California State University, Long Beach.  She has also completed her Waldorf teacher training through the Waldorf Institute of Southern California (WISC).  Tracy has also completed the Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training through the Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers. Through her continuing education and in the readings of several educational theorists such as Alfie Kohn, Bev Bos, Rudolph Steiner, and Thomas Gordon; Tracy has developed a philosophy for her teaching and her school that is not commonly found.  She is married and has three sons.  She moved to Los Olivos in July 2011 and soon after fell in love with the valley.  She started Acorn Cottage/Village after her second child was born.  When not at Village, she can be found playing baseball in her front yard, hiking the trails in the valley, roaming the river, or gardening

Acorn Village Forest School

Michelle Iafe, Saplings Forest Kindergarten Teacher

Michelle is excited to be joining the forest school and community of Acorn Village this year. She has completed her Masters Degree in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies through a cohort of universities in England, Norway, and Germany. Forest schools capture her interest as she continues to discover the holistic ways in which nature nurtures a child’s development. For the past two years, Michelle has been living in Germany and enjoying her work with young children in the outdoors. These experiences include being a substitute teacher at a forest kindergarten, facilitating a forest project for a kindergarten, and assisting an outdoor adventure garden for children of a community center. Michelle originally comes from San Diego and also has a Bachelors Degree in Health and Human Sciences with a focus on wellness. In her free time, Michelle likes to adventure outdoors whether it be hiking and biking, surfing and swimming, cooking and playing instruments at a campfire, gardening and gathering, or practicing yoga and crafting.